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What are the implications of the war in Yemen on China?What are the wider issues &interests that inform China’s foreign policy making?Is there a noticeable trend in China’s foreign policy in the context of the ongoing conflict in Yemen?These are the questions that this report shall attempt to answer
Raymond Lee
The electoral outcome of Turkey’s upcoming general election is set to bear significant impact on the country’s state structure, the governing AK Party’s internal progress, the makeup of a new constitution, the changing of the political system, and the development of the Kurdish Peace Process.
Galip Dalay
The Arab Revolutions exhibit a full spectrum of changes and thus a wide range of outcomes so far. What matters in shaping the future are whether populations are effectively mobilized, whether a ruthless or accommodating leadership emerges?
Professor Jack A. Goldstone
Turkish parliamentary elections will be held 7 June 2015, and the stakes are high for the AK Party if they hope to garner enough support for constitutional change. This paper examines the numbers and provides scenarios of expected electoral outcomes.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Kenya has been facing sustained terrorist attacks from the Somali organisation al-Shabab. This report questions Kenya’s reaction to terrorism and discusses how the government is tackling that challenge. المزيد
Thembisa Fakude
On 26 March 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia formed a coalition that began ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and their allies. The move was taken after Yemeni president, Abd Hadi, appealed to GCC states to ‘provide immediate support by all necessary means’. المزيد
Dr. Jamal Abdullah
The pace and nature of developments in Turkey’s Kurdish peace process continues to attract the interest of observers as well as the general public. Despite President Erdogan’s criticism, the announcement of (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan’s ten point letter was an important moment in the process. المزيد
Galip Dalay