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Sinai’s new buffer zone is strongly linked to Israeli-US demands, but the area is slated to remain a source of concern and challenge to Egyptian authorities should they maintain their current, seemingly-misguided approach to addressing that concern and containing the consequences.
AlJazeera Centre for Studies
The US’ strategy in the war on the Islamic State (IS) is riddled with gaps and ignores Obama’s promises to pull out of the Arab world. These gaps will widen as the war drags on, particularly if American airstrikes cause further civilian casualties and fuel fighting among Syrian opposition factions.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Tunisia's first legislative elections under its new constitution will take place 26 October 2014. This report analyses the context of the election, contenders, likely outcomes of the elections and implications for Tunisia's polity.
Dr. Abdul Latif al-Hanachi
Iran cannot help but take developments in Iraq seriously, because there are indications that these developments will impact Iran's political and security strategy in the neighbouring country. This report analyses Iran's perceived threats and opportunities arising from changes in Iraq.
Dr. Fatima al-Smadi
The perceived growth of political Islam and Islamist extremism throughout the world has recently led to a rethinking of foreign policy in many Western countries. Intensifying upheaval caused by terrorism from Nigeria to Yemen, and from Afghanistan to Iraq, has placed Muslims and Islam. المزيد
Karina Fayzullina
Yemen’s Houthi movement operates on three levels: political participation in the national dialogue, military conquests and popular mobilisation to adjust the balance of power in Sana’a’s central authority. However, this approach may be nudging Yemen toward civil war. المزيد
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
In Egypt, both the regime and political opposition are in crisis. The regime has squandered precious resources from its foreign allies, resorting to excessive securitisation, while the opposition launched a second revolutionary wave that has produced few tangible results in the past year. المزيد
Al Jazeera Center for Studies