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 Aljazeera Forum
In an extension of the 8th AlJazeera Forum’s Youth Platform, a group of young people from the Arab world and beyond agreed that true change would not be realised by concentrating on political issues alone or self-victimisation and complaining. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Mr. Ahmed Tu’mah, prime minister of the Syrian interim government, and David Tolbert, head of the International Center for Transitional Justice, used the 8th AlJazeera Forum second day’s keynote speech to address obstacles to democratic transformation in Syria and transitional justice, respectively. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Dr. Jamal Abdullah, a researcher at AlJazeera Centre for Studies specializing in Gulf Studies, signed his new book, “Qatar’s Foreign Policy 1995 – 2013: Leverages and Strategies”, on the evening of 26 May 2014, during the 8th AlJazeera Forum at the St. Regis in Doha. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Many media platforms, personalities and individual guests tweeted updates in both English and Arabic as the 8th AlJazeera Forum unfolded on 25 May 2014 in Doha, Qatar. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
The recent Israeli aggression against Gaza calls to question three fundamental principles related to the establishment of the state of Israel. The use of force has created dissent among its hard core supporters and paved the ground for global institutions to question its true objectives and vision.
Ghassan Shabaneh
On 3 September 2014, AlJazeera Centre for Studies hosted a closed roundtable, “Libya’s Political and Military Divisions and Future Scenarios”, inviting Dr. Osama Kubbar and Dr. Zuhair Hamdee to share their insights and explain what is happening during the country’s ongoing political transition.
AlJazeera Centre for Studies
Like his predecessors, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is reverting to the twin strategy of use of economic liberalization and coercion against religious extremism as devices to delay democratisation in Egypt.
Emad El-Din Shahin
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now Turkey's new president and Ahmet Davutoglu has been chosen as his replacement to lead government and the AKP. Davutoglu's past and future political life are examined in this position paper.
AlJazeera Centre for Studies