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 Aljazeera Forum
In an extension of the 8th AlJazeera Forum’s Youth Platform, a group of young people from the Arab world and beyond agreed that true change would not be realised by concentrating on political issues alone or self-victimisation and complaining. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Mr. Ahmed Tu’mah, prime minister of the Syrian interim government, and David Tolbert, head of the International Center for Transitional Justice, used the 8th AlJazeera Forum second day’s keynote speech to address obstacles to democratic transformation in Syria and transitional justice, respectively. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Dr. Jamal Abdullah, a researcher at AlJazeera Centre for Studies specializing in Gulf Studies, signed his new book, “Qatar’s Foreign Policy 1995 – 2013: Leverages and Strategies”, on the evening of 26 May 2014, during the 8th AlJazeera Forum at the St. Regis in Doha. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Many media platforms, personalities and individual guests tweeted updates in both English and Arabic as the 8th AlJazeera Forum unfolded on 25 May 2014 in Doha, Qatar. Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Traditionally, the populace used by the ballot box is based on a one man one vote electoral system to install governments of their choice to office. However, as the locus of power is moving from the majority representative governments to a fairly new power still to be defined.
Thembisa Fakude
A North Korean actions are often discussed in the media in ahistorical terms, ignoring historical memory and the complicated regional security environment. While the major players for the DPRK in the region are the US and China, its relations with Japan should not be ignored.
Samee Siddiqui
On 25 June 2013, an important political transition occurred in Qatar when the ruling emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, voluntarily relinquished power to his son, Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. This report examines how this change in power has influenced Qatari foreign policy.
Dr. Jamal Abdullah and Nabil Al-Nasiri
Omar Bashir’s government invited the opposition to dialogue but simultaneously arrested friendly opposition figures, undermining trust in the regime’s pledge to hold genuine dialogue and offer expanded freedoms and greater participation in government to the Sudanese people.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies