Down To the top
Responding to the execution of Egyptian Copts in Libya, the Egyptian government launched air strikes on the Libyan city of Darna, killing and wounding numerous civilians. The Egyptian government’s response was hasty and ill-advised, drawing regional and international disapproval.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Daesh’s expansion has refocused the attention of regional and international powers that supported the Syrian Revolution, meaning the goal of toppling Assad has been put on hold. The US is even coordinating with the regime, causing the regime to state it is benefiting from coalition attacks on Syria.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
This position paper addresses current challenges to successful UN-brokered Libyan dialogue as well as factors that could force all warring parties to finally come to consensus on the best solution to achieve stability in their country.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
As Israel is preparing for a new legislative election after its governing coalition disintegrated this month, this report introduces the key Israeli parties on the right, centre and left, and outlines the challenges and opportunities they will face in the upcoming election.
Dr. Lihi Ben Shitrit
The fight between the Kurds and ISIS has engendered some new trends in Kurdish politics in the Near East. These trends are likely to bear an impact on the course of Kurdish politics in the upcoming years. المزيد
Galip Dalay
The Sinai Peninsula represents a strategic depth for Egypt’s security concerns on its eastern border, spanning 6% of the country’s territory and containing a long border with Israel of over 200 kilometers. Sinai’s strategic importance lies in its overseeing of the Suez Canal. المزيد
Lihi Ben Shitrit and Mahmoud Jaraba
On the fourth anniversary of Egypt’s 25 January Revolution, all the country has to show is the regime’s failure to forcibly impose stability and opposition protests using new tactics that further cripple the state’s ability to tighten its grip on the country. المزيد
Al Jazeera Center for Studies