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The American military experience in Afghanistan strengthened the economic and security importance of Central Asia countries and justifies the establishment of a Silk Road to promote regional economic development.
Jeffrey Mankoff
This paper argues that the latest violent attacks in Tunisia not only exacerbate the security situation, but also the existing socioeconomic challenges facing the country post-transition.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
The nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom, will be scrutinized by diplomats, military experts and politicians for months and years to come.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Palestinian membership in the ICC is an important step for achieving accountability for Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians,since it could lead to a war crimes trial of Israeli leaders.ICC membership will test the PA’s resolve to pursue a case in spite of Israeli-Western opposition.
Salma Karmi-Ayyoub
The U.S. failure to vanquish Islamic State extremists reminds us of the unlearned lessons of the conflicts in Afghanistan of the 1990s. Disengagement, pretending to have a policy or subcontracting to a local power under international sanctions are a formula for spurring the extremists on. المزيد
Roy Gutman
Unless recent opposition gains in Syria are translated into tangible political results that maintain the country's unity and rebuild it, they will remain of little significance. This paper draws three possible scenarios for Syria in the near future in light of recent developments. المزيد
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Norway and Qatar could help defuse future conflicts between Israel and Hamas by establishing an expert advisory group that could consult with Hamas,the Palestinian Authority and Israel on how to develop a strategic roadmap in order to prevent the on-and-off conflict pattern between Israel and Hamas. المزيد
Sigurd Neubauer