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Last Updated: : Thursday 12 September 2013   14:48 Mecca

Al Jazeera Center for Studies welcomes the contribution of researchers and specialists in areas of interest to it, that are concerned with the examining and analyzing regional and international interactions that affect our Arab and Islamic world and the study of global strategic transformations on the political, economic, or intellectual level.

AJCS also gives importance to the following areas:

  • Gulf Studies
  • Iranian Studies
  • Turkish Studies
  • The Rising Powers (China, Russia, India, and Latin America) and the lessons learned from their experiences regarding the question of development
  • Studies on Political Thought and Social Sciences

Media Studies on Arab Media in general, and Al Jazeera, in particular, as well as the effect of satellite media on emerging political and social changes in the region.

Terms of Research Contributions:

The work to be published should meet the required methodical/academic terms such as depth, accuracy, objectivity, and the use of reliable sources which accords with the character of the Centre as a reliable institute of research.

The proposed research material should be new and should not be previously published by any other research, intellectual, or media outfits or websites.

All the work that is received will be evaluated by qualified reviewers chosen by the Centre prior to the approval of its publication.

The Centre owns the work’s copyright exclusively once publication is approved.

Researchers interested in writing for the Centre on the mentioned topics are to determine their preferred type of contribution as described below and send the title of their contribution along with a 500 word summary about the importance of the topic and its central points and the researchers' CVs.

If material is published, the writer shall receive a monetary award according to the financial regulations approved by the Centre.

Types of Research Topics:

  • Books and Al Jazeera Paper Series
  • Translations
  • Issues for Discussion
  • Media Studies
  • Studies on Political Thought and Social Sciences

AJCS has moved to a new location in Wadi Al Sail, behind Al Ahli Hospital.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies