The “World War I: Impact on Palestine” conference, organised by AlJazeera Centre for Studies (AJCS) and the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and attended by prominent public and media figures, ended on 9 November 2014 in London.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
On 8 November 2014, the “World War I: Impact on Palestine” conference began in London, UK. The conference was organized by AlJazeera Centre for Studies (AJCS) in partnership with the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC)days after the British parliament’s non-binding recognition of the State of Palestine
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
AJSC hosted a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, 21 October 2014, with Dr. Bülent Aras, who is a Senior Researcher & Coordinator of the Dispute Resolution & Mediation Department at the Istanbul Policy Center. He is also the Former Head of the Strategic Research Center at the Turkish Foreign Ministry.
On 3 September 2014, AlJazeera Centre for Studies hosted a closed roundtable, “Libya’s Political and Military Divisions and Future Scenarios”, inviting Dr. Osama Kubbar and Dr. Zuhair Hamdee to share their insights and explain what is happening during the country’s ongoing political transition.
AlJazeera Centre for Studies hosted a roundtable on Monday, 25 August 2014, in which visiting researcher Dr. Ghassan Shabaneh, presented a paper titled “Implications of Israel’s Aggression on Gaza”.
AJCS and Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of the International Relations of the Middle East and North Africa have just concluded their joint conference, “Media in Political Transition: The Case of Tunisia”. The conference was held in the United Kingdom 15 through 16 July 2014.
Al Jazeera Centre for Studies held a closed roundtable discussion titled, “Iraqi Elections: Security Challenges and Sectarian Polarisation,” in which two guest speakers analysed the context of the country’s fourth round of parliamentary elections post-Saddam Hussein.
AJCS held a seminar on Conflict Resolution and Management at the Ritz Hotel in Doha on Wednesday 9 April 2014”. The seminar consisted of three panelists: Dr. Sami Al-Khazandar, Dr. Luay al-Safi, Dr. Tatiana Zhurzhenko Ukrainian, and Dr. Sidi Ahmed Wild Ahmed Salim.