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Jeju Peace Institute Visits AJCS
Last Updated: : Tuesday 11 December 2012   11:08 Mecca

A delegation from the Jeju Peace Institute-South Korea visited Al Jazeera Center for Studies on 14th November 2012. The delegation was led by Tae-Young Moon, the president of the institute, accompanied by Dr. Antik Han, a researcher at the institute, and Jiyoung Lee, a research coordinator. The delegation expressed its desire to build a cooperative relationship and privileged partnership with the center. Means of cooperation were examined after its members made an introductory presentation about the Jeju Peace Institute and its research activities. Dr. Ezzeddine Abdelmoula, the head of research, Dr. Jamal Abdullah, the head of publishing and relations, and Shafeeq Choucair, head of the Asian Studies unit, attended the meeting.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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