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AJCS Joins Sakarya University International Congress
Last Updated: : Tuesday 11 December 2012   11:07 Mecca

Al Jazeera Center for Studies participated in the “Middle Eastern Congress on Politics and Society” organized on 9-11 October 2012 by Sakarya University in Sakarya, Turkey. Speaking at the Congress, Haoues Taguia, an AJCS researcher, presented "The Geopolitics of Islamists" to shed light on the changes taking place in the Middle East in the context of the Arab Spring. The presentation put forward the idea that Islamists will prioritise the necessities of the state over those of da'wah after their roles have grown and some of them assumed the reins of rule.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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1   Sakarya University International Congress
Sanela B     Friday 04 January 2013   20:02  Mecca 
This was a very well organized conference which put forward much food for thought. It was a platform where scholars, practitioners and students came together, shared and left feeling stronger and more positive about their role in the transformation of this region. More conferences such as this one should be organized regarding issues facing this region. Real people discussing real issues in real time.
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