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Somali MP Yusuf Ali Aynte
Last Updated: : Sunday 12 August 2012   13:23 Mecca

A Somali Member of Parliament, Yusuf Ali Aynte, a founder of the Islamic Courts Union visited Al Jazeera Center for Studies on 26 February 2012 for a round table discussion with AJCS researchers.

The discussion reviewed internal conflict in Somalia, as well as the role of  foreign intervention and the political and military stakes it has on the country. Aynte indicated that political negotiation that allows and encourages Somalis to overcome their divisions can produce stability in the country.

Aynte, in acknowledging the work Al Jazeera Center for Studies, contributed a book to its library entitled Al Somal: Al Juthoor wal Azma al-Rahena ("Somalia: Foundations and the Current Crisis").

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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