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hosted by Al Jazeera Center for Studies

Conference "Islamic Movements: Transformations After the Arab Revolutions”

The increased presence of Islamist movements in the Arab political environment is a noticeable trend in recent decades. The Arab Spring revolutions uncovered a generally advanced state of these Islamist movements in Arab societies, one that became even clearer with elections.

21 September 2016

hosted by Al Jazeera Center for Studies

Washington no longer the only player in the Gulf

A joint research seminar organised by Al Jazeera Center for Studies, in concert with Georgetown University in Qatar and Al Jazeera Mubasher, concluded that the United States is no longer the sole power with substantial influence in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

26 March 2018

hosted by Al Jazeera Center for Studies

Seminar: Iran’s Foreign Policy Making

The seminar will address the structure of the Iranian regime and the mechanisms of its decision-making, namely with respect to foreign policy. It will also explore the nature of the power struggle among the political forces within the regime and its repercussions on Iran’s influence.

16 January 2018