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Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate Crime, 2010
Last Updated: : Sunday 12 August 2012   12:41 Mecca

Sponsored by Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, this is an introductory report that has a prime research focus on the experience of Muslims as victims of violence, intimidation and discrimination in the UK. As such it serves as a template for our ongoing research in the UK and also our forthcoming research across Europe on the same topic. At the same time the report offers academic and general  readers an immediate insight into the grim reality of a lived experience that is insufficiently acknowledged and understood outside of the communities where it occurs. Such a widespread lack of recognition of the problem of anti-Muslim violence, intimidation and discrimination in the UK strikes us as all the more remarkable at a time when mainstream media in the UK has been rather more forthcoming in its coverage of identical anti-Muslim violence, intimidation and discrimination in the US arising from the furore over the so called Ground Zero Mosque.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Centre for Studies
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1   geo-politics
Dr.Arnest     Thursday 16 August 2012   07:38  Mecca 
Anti Muslim violence in Godhara,Gujarat,India in 2002.was a caused of concern for us.Discrimination with Muslims during BJP-Modi government have generated, mass killings, poverty, unemployment, and hate in business, trade and commerce.Such discrimination among common people are still there in the minds of people.(i.e.majority Hindus V Muslims/Christians. This is not new but now the things has been changed. The media and the communities all over the world see this and understand the complex issues. The new think tank criticizing such events. Education among Muslims is very much necessary. At the same time the spiritual heads of the Hindus/Muslims must stop misleading statements. Peace and amicable peace agreements is the only solution for all the unwanted problems. This is an universal truth and it should be understood by all.
2   Thank you!
Dawn     Saturday 22 September 2012   17:25  Mecca 
I can''t thank you enough for sharing this study free of cost as it mirrors and confirms what I''ve watched happen here in my country, the US, since 9/11. The venom that spews their mouths is vicious and toxic! I look forward to reading this in depth!
3   Islamophobia and how to stop it now
Imam Al-saeb el-anan     Tuesday 09 October 2012   16:50  Mecca 
My friends, and to my brothers in Iran,Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libiya, and so on... I have studied this for many of the years, and have found through the countless hours and the nights with the no sleep, that the answer to this question "why so much islamophobaia?" is this: islamophobia exists because almost all terrorist attacks on the infidels were committed by muslims -those who follow Islamic teachings fervantly. I have found through my research that we as muslims feel we should punish the infidels for not following our religious beliefs, and for not adopting Sharia law. It came to me one late night that the idfidels are afraid of us because WE the muslism were the ones who attacked them. Yes, we the muslims, not the catholics, not the hindus, but we the muslims. I now think that it is truly possible, that if the muslims stop committing terrorist attacks, hijacking the planes, and committing the worst sin of suicide bombings then it is higly possible that islamophobia would go away!!! is something to think about.. peace to you brothers
4   anti islam
mohamed-el''atel     Tuesday 09 October 2012   17:09  Mecca 
….Its simple: to stop anti islamic hatred we must: TEACH the ignorant muslims that “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” for us to kill people and protest over a movie, or take a human life because something we believe in is made fun of? …WE need to shout! ATTENTION ALL MUSLIMS – HELP YOUR MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS! HELP teach those who are misguided instead of “ignoring the ignorant” Tell them not to burn tires in streets or shout "death to this person" or "death to that person" Instead have muslim brothers ask each other" what are YOU actually doing to help stop the violence?" WE should insist that teachers in arab classrooms stand up against the clerics when they tell the kids it’s ok to blow We should stage protests, but in front of mosques, instead of embassies- insisting that the radical clerics stop turning our impoverished children into mindless killers! We should teach all muslims that taking a human life is murder, which is against alla''s teachings – even if it is to kill a jew or american infidel. We should stop the angry hordes from staging violent scenes in front of media video cameras for propaganda-showing crowds of angry muslims with burning flags and stones in their hands – by telling them that what they are doing is stupid and wrong, and is against the true muslim religion,…telling those hordes that we are all people… and that some infidels believe stupid things that should be “forgiven” instead of killed?.. INSIST that the radical muslim clerics finally teach the screaming kids standing in front of embassy gates with stones in their hands or bombs strapped to their chests, that muslims worship peacfully, and should not kill, and that we should should educate the radical extremists to not kill infidels
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