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Conference on The Kurdish Question in the Mashriq,13-14 January 2013
Last Updated: : Tuesday 15 January 2013   10:40 Mecca

Al Jazeera Center for Studies organised a conference on 'The Kurdish Question in the Mashriq', in collaboration with the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies early this year. The conference took place over a period of two days in the Qatari capital of Doha, on the 13-14 January 2013, at the Hilton Hotel.

The event brought together a group of academics, politicians and experts and specialists in Kurdish affairs to assess the current situation and ask what lies ahead. This has become a tool in the territorial disputes among the near Eastern states, as well as an area of external interventions, leaving in both cases a situation of civil conflicts, instability and human and social tragedies. Perhaps the widespread debate that the region is witnessing in the past few months is an indication of hard work in these countries to find a satisfactory and lasting solution to the Kurdish question. The conference explored themes relating to the Kurdish question in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

For more details, please see the conference agenda.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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1   conference on kurdish question- online view
jennifer     Monday 14 January 2013   11:08  Mecca 
Where can I view this conference online ? Video or pdf.
2   to get the conferences summary.
Amin     Tuesday 22 January 2013   20:22  Mecca 
I tryed to fllow the program that disiminates via aljazeera. but, for more information i need hard copy through you.
3   The Kurdish Question in the Mashriq
Hassan Jamsheer     Wednesday 23 January 2013   15:15  Mecca 
For academic reasons, as university professor, I would like to receive the materials of the International Conference on "The Kurdish Question in the Mashriq" held in Doha on 13-14 January 2013. It would be much helpful for students'' seminars and research purposes.
Best regards,
Hassan Jamsheer
University of Lodz
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