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Africa: Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance
Last Updated: : Friday 01 November 2013   16:51 Mecca





Al Jazeera Centre for Studies is organising an international conference entitled: "Africa: Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance " on 1-3 November 2013 in Doha, with the participation of an array of researchers, eminent figures and former heads of states, along with experts in the fields of development and conflicts in the continent.

The event, which is the largest of its kind in an Arab country, will seek to shed light on the positive developments in Africa during the past two decades. There, countries that used to be hotbeds of humanitarian disasters and famines, or scene of chaos and collapse of state and the rule of law, or both, have seen transformations and become contributors to Africa rebuilding efforts and a source of hope for the region. The continent has also witnessed economic renaissance that has made it one of the fastest growing regions in the world and a favourite destination for new investments. At the same time, the continent has developed an effective mechanism to resolve disputes and address conflicts as continental organizations have turned into important players in addressing the Africa's problems and conflicts.

The seminar will address these important developments through in-depth studies prepared by a group of prominent African experts and leaders, and analyse Arab-African relations and the developments they have gone through.
The center attempts through this seminar to reflect the message of Al-Jazeera Network, which seeks to create platforms for research, discussion and exchange of views on fateful issues of concern to the Arab and African peoples and their shared destiny.

Click here for the framework paper.

Click here for the conference themes.

Click here for the conference agenda.

Watch "Africa: Dynamics of Conflict, Promises of Renaissance" online live on our Events Page on 2-3 November, (2 Nov – 10:00) to Sunday (3 Nov – 20:00).



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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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1   participation
abdelys gonzalez     Wednesday 23 October 2013   16:56  Mecca 
I would like to know how can I attend this event as part of the audience. Thanks!
2   Participation Africa Conference
Sylvain Touati     Thursday 31 October 2013   13:16  Mecca 
Dear Sir, Madam,

I would like to register to the conference related to Africa held in Doha on the 2nd and 3rd of November.

However, I cannot find the program neither the location of the event on your website. Kindly provide me with the program and the location.

Kind regards,

Sylvain Touati
Project manager, FIKRA Consulting and Research
Associate Fellow, French Institute of International Relations
3   Opening ceremony
Mariam elMaawy     Saturday 02 November 2013   01:22  Mecca 
Only Africa can resolve Africa''s conflicts
4   Live feed not available
Mariam el Maawy     Saturday 02 November 2013   16:51  Mecca 
We have tried to watch this event live, it is not available. Kind request, please email the link. Regards, Mariam
5   Location?
James     Saturday 02 November 2013   21:41  Mecca 
Where, exactly, is this event being held?
6   Al Jazeera Africa Conference 2-3 Nov 2013
Santos Ba-Kamara     Saturday 07 December 2013   13:42  Mecca 
Just to inform you that the Al Jazeera Africa International Conference video is not available Online
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