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Russian Academics and Media Personnel Visit Al Jazeera Centre for Studies


During its tour of universities and think tanks in Qatar, a Russian delegation consisting of media personnel, academics and members of parliament visited Al Jazeera Centre for Studies on 4 February 2018 to get a more in-depth understanding of the issues of the Arab region and the greater Middle East, and look into the prospects of cooperation between AJCS and relevant institutions.

During the visit, there was a discussion between the members of the delegation and the centre’s researchers about contemporary political developments and geopolitical changes in the Arab world. The delegation conveyed Russia’s increasing interest in the Gulf region and the Middle East as a whole, and alluded to mutually beneficial possibilities and opportunities especially in the fields of energy, agriculture and food security and the exchange of scientific expertise.

Director of Al Jazeera Centre for Studies Mohammed Mukhtar Al Khalil emphasized the importance of cooperation between the centre and its Russian counterparts. He also suggested potential collaboration on conferences or research to establish a substantial scientific and knowledge-based foundation of understanding between the two parties.