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Academic Research on Al Jazeera, A Guide for PhDs, Masters & Books
Last Updated: : Tuesday 03 July 2012   13:29 Mecca


The Second Edition

Al Jazeera Center for Studies is preparing for the publication of the second edition of Academic Research on Al Jazeera: A Guide for PhDs, Masters & Books and invites those interested in including their academic work (doctoral and masters theses, and published research) on Al Jazeera to get in touch with Sara Nasr at


The First Edition

Al Jazeera Center for Studies published a new book entitled Academic Research on Al Jazeera: A Guide for PhDs, Masters & Books 1996-2011 prepared by Sara Nasr and supervised by Ezzeddine Abdelmoula, a researcher at the center.

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies is pleased to present to its readers this compilation of over two hundred academic works attending to Al Jazeera, whether as a central research topic or in the context of comparative studies with other global channels and networks. We chose to allocate the three chapters of this guide to doctoral theses, master theses and books written about Al Jazeera since its launch in 1996 up to its fifteenth anniversary in November 2011.

This unprecedented effort seeks to accomplish two goals. First, introducing as many of academic research about Al Jazeera as possible. Each of these works, which have been conducted in different universities around the world, will be presented in the form of basic information along with a short abstract. We believe that these details will help students and researchers alike with valuable information regarding the current research on Al Jazeera so they build on the existing literature rather than replicate it. Second, we hope that, by shedding light on this enormous and increasing amount of research, this guide will benefit Al Jazeera itself. It informs the network's staff as well as executives of the magnitude of its presence within the academic sphere. It is so interesting to see how Al Jazeera is perceived, researched and portrayed by an influential community such as the academics. 

The reason why we have called this volume a "guide" is twofold. On the one hand, it guides new researchers through such an uneven and relatively new, but extremely rich area of academic research accumulated throughout the last decade. Media students and researchers will be exposed to dozens of research topics, methods and  analytical approaches in each of the three categories included in this guide. On the other hand, this volume demonstrates that Al Jazeera's influence is no longer limited to the media, its immediate space, or politics which is in constant interaction with the media. It reaches other spaces that are less prominent but just as significant in both the long and short run such as academic institutions and research.

The process of data gathering and categorizing was by no means an easy or straightforward task. For, unlike published works that are available to virtually anyone, this endeavor encountered great challenges in terms of university theses, whether doctoral or master's. Acquiring information about unpublished  oeuvres dispersed among numerous academic institutions in the from the United States and Canada in the west, all the way to China and Japan the east, required the exercise of different search and communication methods. While we were able to acquire some information directly from the researchers themselves, especially those who happened to visit Al Jazeera during their studies, we had to either contact the research institutions or search for additional information online. Language also proved to be an impediment in the attainment of another sum of work especially in less common languages.

Despite the amount of effort exerted in this guide and the amount of work it compiles, we do not claim to have included all the academic work attending to Al Jazeera. We do, however, feel that by and large we did our utmost best given the short amount of time allotted. We hope that these studies will not be constrained to library shelves and serve only as reference indexes. Most of them are of great quality and represent a significant contribution to knowledge should they be published and widely circulated.

This guide will be an ongoing project, open to the adding and editing of any previously excluded or newly produced materials.

In conclusion, this project would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of a number of colleagues and friends, especially the researchers who kindly provided us with materials concerning their own research and, sometimes, with information that led to the inclusion of additional research materials. Many thanks to them and to my colleagues at the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies for contributing to the production of this guide from their respective positions and helping extensively, often in several different ways despite work pressure. I would particularly like to thank our Centre Director, Dr. Salah Eddin Elzein for his zeal for the project idea since the very beginning and for his opinions, guidance and encouragement. A special thanks to my colleague, Sara Nasr, for her great effort in gathering and sorting the materials of this guide as well as helping with the design concept and development.

We hope that this volume, released on the occasion of Al Jazeera's fifteenth anniversary, achieves the desired goals for the highly significant academic content it contains.  

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 Source: Al Jazeera Centre for Studies
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1   PhD
Hani Petro     Thursday 26 January 2012   21:56  Mecca 
Good Day, I am pursuing my PhD degree in Political Economy with SMC University/Switzerland. I am currently in the stage of identifying the topic for my dissertation, where I find ALJAZEERA related topic as brilliant material and in the core of my interests and directly related to my Political Economy degree. I have gone through the attached guide, however how can I gain access or be directed to the "full" researches that are referred to in this guide? Thanks, Hani Petro
2   Thank you!!!
LYOUSSI A. Karim     Thursday 02 February 2012   15:37  Mecca 
It''s been a while that i''m eagerly reading your publications and reports, and frankly speaking i found my pleasure in doing so. Such project is effectively and by no means a gift to any student and researcher who want to have a good and trustful database. So, i don''t have any convincing word to qualify your realization apart from: "IT''S AMAZING". Thanks to anybody who participated in this achievement. You have done a great work that for sure will help thousands of people around the world in their researches and will also shed lights on writers who performed those works. Finally, and as it is written in the introduction, a special thanks to Dr. Dr. Salah Eddin Elzein for his achievement that shows his openness and great value.
3   Global Apocalypse
Dzil     Tuesday 31 July 2012   18:27  Mecca 
I''m Interested in Gods word and it''s relation to Politics, current events,role of People,Nations and their Governments.
4   nigerian corruption
obaizi emeka     Tuesday 31 July 2012   22:54  Mecca 
well,i am from nigeria .i will not regret of ben a citizin of nigeria ,but corruption in nigeria have been the topic of the africans,i have a reason of saying this .1(just imagine in italy, for a nigerian citizin to have a nigerian passpot in italy he or she most pay the some of 450 euros ,before he or she can have the nigerian passpot ,i dont even know if the nigerian imigration know anything of this nature,please the embasador of nigerian embasi please i am beging you ,to do something about because your people are crying about thing ,just look at orther african counrtys there passpot priz is not up to 50 euros ,this is a very big shiam to nigerians ,why are we nigerians killing the image of our counrty ,please embasador i am pliding for you to do something about this .we are not the only country that they know with bad name .thanks, good people of the young genaration let us stop corruption
5   God & politics
iyor     Friday 03 August 2012   16:20  Mecca 
hear ye all men there is God in Heaven that detremines the affairs of men. repent from all manner of wickedness and be just with all men.let peace return to the World else....
6   Nigerian bomb attact
Iliyasu galadi     Saturday 04 August 2012   12:11  Mecca 
Those people that putting bomb in the nigerian police station,church, they are not among the muslim, there is no any qur,an or bible that comand killing of the security or other beside some religion they are only terrorist
7   Muslim''s reference must come only from Glorious Qur''an
Munir Shariff     Monday 06 August 2012   01:52  Mecca 
There is no excuse for Muslims using any other scripture as a reference in whatever discussion they might be having as Qur''an is the only scripture approved by The Omnipotent Lord, and as I''m sure that you cannot find two scriptures bearing same authenticity at the same time from the Lord of the Worlds, so we should watch out for whatever we might be saying in case of its end result, today or tomorrow, Bis Salaam.
8   Degrees ????
Joe Bosch     Monday 06 August 2012   18:14  Mecca 
I am somewhat skeptical of degrees as a sign of intelligence. I''ve met too many who think one can learn to play a piano or ride a bicycle by reading a book. There''s only one education and that is life itself. School is simply one element in the set we call "life." Chairman Mao closed the universities for 5 years during the Cultural Revolution and put all the professors out here in the real world with the rest of us. Those who couldn''t cope were taken out and shot... Between 2000-2005, China''s GDP doubled. Ambrose Bierce defined a pedant as one who has been schooled beyond their intelligence. Joe
9   Aljazera
Camalion     Wednesday 08 August 2012   22:23  Mecca 
While Aljazera English is trying to expand in USA one must ask are we getting anything different from Aljazera as compared to CNN and Fox news.

They all cover events in Lybia and Syria at nauseam but ignor the same thing in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia ???
10   Well Done Aljazeera
Muhammad Qasim     Thursday 09 August 2012   00:11  Mecca 
Weldone Aljazeera
I am qasim from pakistan , aljazeer give the platform to the poor people of the world because it is open furom. What Aljazeer did it was the responsiblities of the Governmnets but Aljazeera did. Long live aljazeera
11   Critical Analysis of African Challenges
Felix Mukomela Mbewe     Friday 10 August 2012   10:08  Mecca 
I am student at the University of Zambia persuing a degree in Philosophy and Development studies. The major issue on my mind has been the african burden on our shoulders, though it seems tough we will fight and win the battle. Why would poverty, hunger, epidemics, wars, violence, and many catastrophies perpetuate in Africa? Yet at some point it was the best place on this planet
12   well done Aljazeera
Amhed Han Deying     Monday 13 August 2012   15:13  Mecca 
I am from china,thanks for Aljazeera provide a opening platform for chinese.some chinese offical media have misunstands when it reports Middle East and I am interested in Syria live blog.
13   geo-politics
Dr.Arnest     Thursday 16 August 2012   07:00  Mecca 
The recent geo-political transformation in the Middle East and in the North African nations have generated socio-economic and political complex issues that generated hunger, homeless mass, food shortages,AID/HIV as well as unwed mothers/fathers. Millions of orphans struggling for survival globally, specially in all poor countries of Afro-Asia, Europe, US and in Latin American countries. Aljazeera has contributed lot in discussing such issues on its national television. Such invaluable media contribution drew attention of the world communities all over the world.
14   geo-politics
Dr.Arnest     Thursday 16 August 2012   08:33  Mecca 
The recent geo-political transformation in the Middle East and in the North African nations have generated socio-economic and political complex issues that generated hunger, homeless mass, food shortages,AID/HIV as well as unwed mothers/fathers. Millions of orphans struggling for survival globally, specially in all poor countries of Afro-Asia, Europe, US and in Latin American countries. Aljazeera has contributed lot in discussing such issues on its national television. Such invaluable media contribution drew attention of the world communities all over the world.
15   A platform for those who haven''t
Mohammed Zolait. Phd     Friday 17 August 2012   00:27  Mecca 
though no one is ultimatley perfect, Al-jazeer more or less succeeded to bring poor and little people''s voices into the open.
16   A platform for those who haven''t
Mohammed Zolait. Phd     Friday 17 August 2012   00:55  Mecca 
though no one is ultimatley perfect, Al-jazeer more or less succeeded to bring poor and little people''s voices into the open.
17   Education
June Stevens     Saturday 18 August 2012   03:49  Mecca 
I live in Phoenix, Arizona and currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Education. Al Jazeera is a strong voice in the global conversation and provides unparallel coverage of events. It is on the cutting edge and remains a leader in global media.
18   Corruption
Gai Chol Paul     Sunday 19 August 2012   21:06  Mecca 
I am very pleased with the aljezeera coverage on South Sudan corruption.Please keep up ,the corruption is killing the Baby of africa.
Long live aljezeera
19   Need for Investigative Journalism in Nigeria
Ibrahim     Tuesday 21 August 2012   12:26  Mecca 
It appears the wave of corruption is eating-up our Nigerian journalists and are found wanting for not following to its logical conclusion on major critical issues that are affecting the lives and properties of our Nigerian citizens. The issue of oil subsidy, Maritime security, armed robberies,illegal weapons and financial misappropriation and general security affecting the whole country.You are responsible for not informing the public and the Government of what is happening especially now when the bill fo freedom of information has been passed.
20   The effect of 2022 world cup on Qatar,s regional position
mulumba ismail     Tuesday 21 August 2012   15:58  Mecca 
With World cup 2022 preparation,Qatar stands to benefit the middle east and most especially Qatar.however Qatar stands to gain lot politically which hence re-position its middle east seat.i Intend to research what more Qatar can benefit other than just money and soccer.
21   corruption in Africa
henry     Friday 24 August 2012   07:38  Mecca 
Corruption is as old as man, the world is corrupt, countries are corrupt, communities are corrupt, families are corrupt and individuals are corrupt.corruption is not based on money alone, is about mindset.Its factor basically is poverty not based on money but reasoning. Africa leaders are not helping matters here. they are concerned about their personality and family , nothing is working because they dont want anything to work. I see these idea as a big conspiracy to withdraw information from the people by making life difficult and not creating the enabling environment for their citizens to get to know what is going on. Even the religious leaderss are equally not helping maters too . they dont tell the govt the truth or what they should know.But i know for sure that someday these informations will defitely get out and people will start reacting and it wont be good for the govt.
22   Academic Research on Al Jazeera
Global Human Studies & Research / MENA     Friday 24 August 2012   07:41  Mecca 
Our experience is that we speak in the same way, have views based on the same (public) resources,and experience in the same way as academics. So, what is the difference in knowledge between those with academic level and those who have the same knowledge without academic level? It''s only the recognition as a academic because of a label known as "title".
23   Nigeria my nation
el-miqdad     Friday 24 August 2012   18:54  Mecca 
in recent times i was watching Aljazira the main focus of Aljazara in africa i don''t get it why is that aljazara show the negative side of africa insetted of balancing the story, still aljazara is the best when one compare with CNN or fox keep the good job ,
24   Peace on Earth?
Eric Siefferman     Sunday 26 August 2012   06:37  Mecca 
The population of earth is almost 7 Billion. This is just a wild guess, but the people who control what happens on a day to day basis here on earth number less than a 100,000. Here in the US we elect them and then reap the harvest of that vote. In the rest of the world, this method varies, but in the end, it is our world leaders who at times blindly lead us into war, famine, and suffering. The world has been at the brink of extinction since the 1960''s. The ONLY way we will survive as a civilization is if we can select our world leaders carefully, and put our political, philosophical, and religious differences aside. Every society is juged by how they treat their poor. I think we are all losing in every category.
25   Reporting Nigeria
Ismail Ibrahim     Wednesday 29 August 2012   11:03  Mecca 
Al-jazeera has come to symbolize for me and many media scholars in the developing countries an excellent response to the global news imbalance between developed countries and developing countries. However, while Aljazeera has done creditably well in giving a voice to the voiceless from the Arab world it has consistently portray Nigeria in very bad light in the coverage of news, reports and documentaries about the country.
26   research about aljazeera chanel
lahcen     Wednesday 24 April 2013   19:04  Mecca a ba student conducting a research about aljazeera the aim of my research is to show the power of aljazeera by talking about the financial resources and its acsess to information so any help is welcomed thanks this is my email
27   covering Afghanistan
lutfullah     Friday 26 July 2013   13:36  Mecca 
i am lutfullah from Afghanistn,we are thankful to aljazeera of refecting the groung realities in the particular consideration of your prestigeous institution: i dont have any convincing word to qualify the holy task being carried by aljazeera.i am on the eve of writing my thesis in Economics. preferrably, i want to prepare something on the prospects of afghan economy.the major problem whcih i can see it from now is that, we, in afghanistan dont have genuine data. the bulky portion of the data is bogus, influened by many factors.if your center can cooperate with me. my email
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