Arab Studies
The Russian military Intervention in Syria: Its Implications and Consequences, was the topic of a lecture that Al Jazeera Center for Studies hosted on Monday , 19 October, 2015. The lecture was followed by more than (4,463,778), on Twitter.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
Summary The Russian military intervention in Syria came as a reaction to four changing power dynamics in the Middle East. Operation Decisive Storm and the Salam Doctrine, the Turkish military intervention in northern Syria, the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1.
Dr. Ghassan Shabaneh
 Gulf Studies
Over the six months since February, 2015, the world markets have been in turmoil. The improvement in the US economy is on a more assured, but not necessarily stable, path and in contrast, the Chinese economy is now showing signs of fatigue.
Jawad A. Anani
The repercussions of a shaky nuclear deal between the P5+1with Iran on the Middle East are likely to accelerate the demise of the unipolar system in the Middle East and invite a dangerous imbalance of power between and among regional and aspiring global powers.
Dr. Ghassan Shabaneh
 African Studies
On 29 May 2015, General Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the President of Nigeria. The Buhari-led administration is expected to urgently tackle several challenges that have hindered economic prosperity, sustainable security and overall national development in Nigeria.
Dr. Freedom C. Onuoha, Christian M. Ichite and Temilola A. George
This report highlights the causes of continued African immigration to South Africa, then explains the underlying reasons for the seemingly sudden violent backlash against African migrants in South Africa.
Thembisa Fakude
 Asian Studies
In less than 5 months, Turkey is once again going to the ballot box for a fateful election on 1 November. The time span is too short to expect a major change in the electoral outcome of the upcoming election in comparison to the results of the 7 June election.
Galip Dalay
This report discusses “the Azerbaijan model” of coexistence and religious pluralism, as well as the challenges faced by the country in terms of building a national identity that is both secular and respective of religious diversity at once.
Dr. Fatima Al-Smadi
 International Studies
Germany is politically and financially very important to Europe and consequently it cannot escape its leadership incumbency. Germany’s leading role in dealing with the current refugee crisis will come as no surprise.Although Germany has always suffered from stigmatisation due to its role in 2nd WW.
Thembisa Fakude
British politics has experienced multiple shocks over the last year.Defying all the opinion polls,the Conservative party achieved a majority in the May 2015 general elections.But the shock of shocks was the election on 12 Sep of the veteran hard-left Labour MP,Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour party.
Chris Doyle