Arab Studies
Omar Bashir’s government invited the opposition to dialogue but simultaneously arrested friendly opposition figures, undermining trust in the regime’s pledge to hold genuine dialogue and offer expanded freedoms and greater participation in government to the Sudanese people.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
The Houthi movement’s military expansion in northern Yemen is somewhat contradictory to its pledge to building a Yemeni civil state and will eventually force the movement to choose one of the two paths. This paper presents three possible scenarios the movement could take in the future.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
 Gulf Studies
AlJazeera Centre for Studies’ latest book, Qatar’s Foreign Policy 1995 – 2013: Leverages and Strategies, was authored by Dr. Jamal Abdullah and released May 2014. It analyses Qatar’s foreign policy during the reign of Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani from 1995 to 2013.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
The Gulf in a Changing Strategic Context examines the impact of regional and international developments, such as the Arab Spring, on Gulf states. Contributors to this book published by AJCS weigh international, regional and local variables on an individual and collective (GCC) basis.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
 African Studies
After decades of regional instability, recent clashes in northern Mali’s Kidal and Azawad areas were inevitable. Further aggravating the conflict is the regional and international community’s continued symptomatic rather than diagnostic approach to handling the instability.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
The current crisis in the CAR began well before the Seleka coalition seized power in March 2013. The current security crisis is the culmination of a crisis dating back to the ten-year rule of General François Bozizé, combined with a socio-economic crisis that pre-dates his time in power.
Thierry Vircoulon
 Asian Studies
Turkey is preparing for its first direct popular presidential elections with no Kemalist candidate and the Kurds are set to be a deciding factor if a run-off becomes necessary.
Al Jazeera Center for Studies
A North Korean actions are often discussed in the media in ahistorical terms, ignoring historical memory and the complicated regional security environment. While the major players for the DPRK in the region are the US and China, its relations with Japan should not be ignored.
Samee Siddiqui
 International Studies
this report seeks to highlight the rising tension between Western governments and Russia over the latter’s conflict with the Ukraine. Specific to Ukrainisation is the return of ‘Cold-War’-type posturing and rivalry marked by mutual distrust.
Karina Fayzullina
This report explains the current crisis in Ukraine by looking at Russia’s strategic aims in invading and annexing Crimea. The political, strategic, historical and cultural significance of Crimea are explored in order to explain the European security implications of Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine.
George Visan