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State Responsibility and the Palestinian Exodus
Last Updated: : Sunday 06 May 2012   09:47 Mecca

The legal consequences of the internationally wrongful acts of terrorism, expulsion, destruction of villages without military necessity and pillaging that were committed against Palestinian civilians and their possessions that were documented by Count Folke Bernadotte in the wake of the exodus of Palestinian refugees do not only invoke individual criminal responsibility but also state responsibility. Individual criminal responsibility does not bar state responsibility and vice versa. The aim of this paper is to identify the responsible state or states responsible for the acts that caused the exodus of Palestinian refugees under the intertemporal customary international law of state responsibility. To this end, it will examine how responsibility for the violations of the laws and customs of war in question could be attributed to Israel and Great Britain under international law and determine the form or forms of due reparation.

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 Source: Al Jazeera Centre for Studies
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