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Youth Platform: Calling to the youth to participate in ALJazeera 8th Forum
Last Updated: : Thursday 27 February 2014   13:13 Mecca

A‎l Jazeera Centre for Studies is organizing the Al Jazeera 8th Forum during 26-28 May 2014 in Doha under the title "Change in the Arab World: Where To?" ‎

The Forum invites youth from the Arab World and beyond to participate by submitting their proposals for the organization of 3 special activities related to political, media or other issues relevant to young people as part of the overall ‎program of the Forum.‎
‎ ‎
The Youth Platform, introduced by Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, gives opportunity to young ‎people of all backgrounds to contribute to deepening the debate among themselves ‎about issues of importance to them in the context of the current transformations in the Arab world.

Terms of Participation

  • Applications are to be submitted in Arabic or English by filling the registration form (Please click here to download) on the Centre's website (‎, with a copy of the applicant's passport. 
  • The theme of the proposal should be consistent with the main title of this year's forum. ‎
  • The proposal should take into account the time allocated for each activity ‎‎(not to exceed two hours for each session). 
  • Participants should be no more than 35 years of age. ‎
  • The proposal can combine participants from more than one country, either individually or through‎ members of no more than 4 per group. ‎
  • The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday, 27 March 2014.

Means of Participation

  • The proposal should be sent in a Word document to  ‎
  • A referee committee will evaluate the submitted proposals and announce the results ‎on Thursday, 10th April 2014. ‎
  • The Youth Platform team will contact the owners of the approved contributions to ‎coordinate implementation. ‎
  • The Forum has the right to merge proposals ‎whether in form or implementation. ‎
  • Al Jazeera Centre for Studies has the right to publish and re-publish the papers presented at ‎the Platform. ‎
  • The forum will cover travel (economy class tickets) and accommodation (4-nights hotel rooms in Doha) for those whose contributions are approved.

For further information, please contact the Youth Platform team at:   

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 Source: Al Jazeera Center for Studies
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1   i want to join aljazera
Ishfaq majeed     Thursday 27 February 2014   15:13  Mecca 
Interested in ur programme
SELLO     Wednesday 12 March 2014   16:11  Mecca 
3   event
sello     Wednesday 12 March 2014   17:00  Mecca 
good implemetation for youth of today that will be the mother and father of tomorrow future
4   Interested
Masril Bin Mohd Noor     Friday 14 March 2014   05:56  Mecca 
I want to hear the onion.
5   RE: Youth Forum
DADI Nanmua Alexis     Monday 17 March 2014   13:02  Mecca 
more awareness of this magnitude should be passed across through the various media available apart from the internet... I come from Nigeria and having access to a good broadband or WiFi is actually very hard irrespective of the telecoms and providers available. I know it might be cost effective but the results would be tremendous. I know a lot of Youths in my country need such a voice to voice out, creative, generative and imparting ideas that can help not only our shaking and corruptive economy but also the world at large and i''m quite sure so it is across the GLOBE. It''s high time the Youths speak out and in such a great magnitude not using constructive energy for violence and corruption
6   I want to joint media
abidakun olasukanmi charles     Monday 17 March 2014   20:49  Mecca 
I so much in love in your news that you always giving to us , and I''m very hihg intrested to be a media in your country
7   le crimes de drs
jamalbensella     Monday 17 March 2014   21:47  Mecca 
Dr, 1992/2002: 300,000 people algerian by kills and 2000 desparat, hhhhyyy general khaled nezzar general toufik general hasan boss of gia, and fis mia gia drs. Responsable of crimes in algeria. Criminal war and criminal man in algeria. From victims oF torture and sex. 23/03/2014 manifestation contre drs and boutaflika.
8   Al Jazeera 8th forum
LSA Upul Anuradha from Sri Lanka     Tuesday 18 March 2014   11:32  Mecca 
If I join the programme I be very happy..however I wish U all the sucess
9   Nice Idea
Abdiwali     Tuesday 18 March 2014   19:46  Mecca 
Nice introduction. This programme will deeply help Arab to develop their countries on the issues regarding good governance, democracy co-existence of different religions.
10   recado
Chankramani     Tuesday 18 March 2014   22:17  Mecca 
Muito bom o site da aljazera, parabens
11   an Aljazeera lovers
Mohammad Bashandeh     Wednesday 19 March 2014   11:15  Mecca 
I realy want it
12   Nice Idea
Tuncay ÖZER     Thursday 20 March 2014   23:01  Mecca 
Nice introduction. This programme will deeply help Arab to develop their countries on the issues regarding good governance, ?sLamic democracy co-existence of different religions.
13   I want to joing Al Jazeera News, Islamabad
Sohail Majeed Butt     Friday 21 March 2014   08:01  Mecca 
To be a part of Dynamic organization Al Jazeera News, helping it to beat the challengers of competition and globalization by utilizing my knowledge and skills in each area of work assigned.” @ MSC. MASS COMMUNICATION - ( 1st Division) @ DM NEWS, ISLAMABAD WORKING AS NEWS CAMERAMAN / REPORTER & ACTING/ASSIGNMENT EDITOR (MAY, 2013 TO DATE….)
14   I want to join al jazeera
humeyra cetintas     Sunday 23 March 2014   11:33  Mecca 
I may give you new and original ideas about youth to live together in a better world. I''m really interested about that.
15   Proposal
Cglr     Sunday 23 March 2014   17:05  Mecca 
I don''t understand what proposal means?
16   Love Al Jazeera
Sheldon     Monday 24 March 2014   04:13  Mecca 
I am a big fan of Al Jazeera. They cover news in a way that I have never seen before because Al Jazeera English speaks the voice of people of all nations, kindred, tounge, and tribe.
It is too bad however that I cannot join in this platform because I am above 35 years of age.
But as a teacher, I would love to make a contribution to helping young people make changes to the Arab society in making the Arab world a very livable place for all to coexists regarding our differences. The world has become a smaller place, and as the world gets smaller, it is the duty of our young people to make a contribution to make it safer, and the best way to make it safer is for everyone of us to learn and understand each other for our differences, and at the same time learn that we are al creted equal.
17   Vision of Our Youth
Usman Yunusa     Thursday 27 March 2014   16:51  Mecca 
The Vision of Nigerian Vision is to restore peace especially in the Northern part..
18   Democracy and the citizenship .
bouzelifa khellaf     Friday 28 March 2014   02:41  Mecca 
What has been changed in the Arab world after the SO Called the Revolutions ? We still import everything ,food ,cars ,medicines ,clothes ,,,,,.The cost of living is getting higher.We still need more houses and jobs .People die everyday in Syria ,Libya and Iraq .On the other hand many children and their mothers suffer from many problems in Tunisia and Egypt .Politicians are not able to find solutions till now .Where is the Arab League ? Are we muslims or not in the 21st century ?
19   news
HAJI ARIF     Saturday 29 March 2014   06:17  Mecca 
I like
20   Arab youth should stand for arab world?
Abdulkadir dhoye     Sunday 30 March 2014   01:35  Mecca 
I hope youth can do more for community by leading them to better future
21   Arab Youuth can chage the world.
Abdalla Muse Omer     Monday 31 March 2014   12:08  Mecca 
if we make our future better we can change
22   taking it from the right,
feisal     Monday 31 March 2014   14:53  Mecca 
am seeing this programme very late,but i would really love to participate,is it still open??? because i can see am past deadline,anyway,i think the main problems of the youth is how they take it from the wrong guys,be it knowledge or information,if there would be any chance to participate i would really appreaciate if am included, thanks
23   Result announcement
asli     Friday 11 April 2014   10:53  Mecca 
Hi, on 10th of april the results were sopposed to be announced. Did you? maybe we missed it somewehere..
24   Results
.     Sunday 13 April 2014   09:32  Mecca 
Hello I would like to know when are the results going to be announced and where could we view them? Thank you
25   I want to work for aljazeera in nigeria as a reporter or correspondent or information sender.
Oparah brendan C.     Sunday 15 June 2014   13:55  Mecca 
I am interested in working in the media organisation as an information sender from nigeria. I reside in Rivers state,eastern part of nigeria. I am educated with a accounting and other affliate courses attended.I really need the jod as most of us are unemployed down here. Thank you
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