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Lebanon at the Eye of the Syrian Storm

The war waged by the Syrian regime against citizens calling for its overthrow is becoming a cold war between two major Lebanese currents: one wagering on the consolidation of al-Assad's internal influence, and the other on the fall of the regime and the shift of the internal balance of power.

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies

Tuesday, 1 May 2012 11:08 GMT

Will Lebanon, eventually, be attracted to the Syrian crisis, by virtue of its  forty year geostrategic rotation in the orbit of this larger neighbor, or will it manage to escape this time, at least relatively, from the imperatives of geography and history?

Here arises another question no less important: is the decision of engagement or disengagement from the Syrian crisis – which, according to all standards, still seems to be severe –in the hands of the conflicting Lebanese political forces or the existing Syrian regime?


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