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The Syrian Revolution and Palestinian Refugees in Syria

This paper examines the impact of the on-going revolution in Syria on the local Palestinian refugee population. It presents the positioning of a growing segment of the Palestinian youth on the side of the revolution and contrasts it with that of the Palestinian factions on the side of the regime.

Sunday, 6 May 2012 08:58 GMT

The examined developments are on-going and dynamic, which has posed a great challenge in obtaining a clear understanding of the situation and the direction it is heading in. Further challenge has been posed by limited access to sources of information due to the situation in Syria, as well as difficulty in verifying the information obtained. The majority of the accounts were gathered through interviews with Palestinians from Syria and Syrians conducted on two separate visits to Syria (August 2011, November 2011) and two separate visits to Lebanon (August 2011 and February-March 2012), and supplemented later through constant contact with both Palestinian and Syrian activists. The names of most of the interviewees were withheld on their request for protection reasons. Available (scarce) media reports on the topic were accessed, and academic literature was looked at in relation to the historical background of Syrian-Palestinian relations.

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