About Us



Established in 2006 under Al Jazeera Media Network, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies is an independent research institution that aims to present a balanced understanding of the geopolitics of the MENA region and the Arab world in particular. Among its top priorities are to improve research skills and methodologies, build relevant expertize and spread knowledge through media and communication technology, enrich the cultural and media scene, and cultivate strategic thinking in and about the region.


  • Spread knowledge and understanding to the greatest number of audiences, especially researchers, academics and intellectuals
  • Monitor regional and international dynamics, observe their implications on the Arab world and the MENA region and present in-depth studies and analyses about them
  • Organise debates and research events such as forums, conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions
  • Acquire and contribute to the development of cognitive tools and approaches to help monitor strategic transformations and assess their implications
  • Support and encourage research and studies in order to raise the level of knowledge and consolidate informed expertise in the region
  • Contribute to the advancement of translation to and from Arabic language in order to expand the areas of communication between civilisations and cultures
  • conduct opinion polls in relevant countries and regions to understand trends and future developments

Fields of Interest

  • Geopolitical and strategic studies
  • Economic and social studies
  • Media studies
  • Public opinion polls