Al Jazeera's 7th Forum: Arab World in Transition















Dear friends,

It gives me the honor to welcome you all Al Jazeera's 7th Annual Forum under the title, “The Arab World in Transition: Opportunities and Threats.” The forum aims to explore the complex transformations unfolding in the socio-political and media landscape in the Arab world and the wider implications these changes have for the Arab world as well as measure and understand the seismic shift in regional and global events, and the implications of covering these issues.

Events in the past two years have created new political realities in the Arab world: the role of emerging democracies, the changing power dynamics and the challenges of engaging international powers as well as the transformation of media in emerging democracies in the region. There will be seminars and sessions dedicated to security challenges, human rights and transitional justice in post conflict areas as well. The struggle for Syria and the Oslo Accords on their twentieth anniversary will also be discussed in the forum.

Political leaders, intellectuals, media experts and activists will all be taking part in exploring emerging realities in the region to better understand them and their wider implications.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best Wishes,

Ahmad Bin Jassim Al Thani, Director General

Pre-Forum Events, Saturday 16th March 2013

Seminars and Workshops








Seminar hosted by:

Al Jazeera Center for Studies

“The New Regional Powers & Rising Global Powers: Common Challenges”

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Training Forum


Training Forum hosted by:

Al Jazeera Media Training & Development Center

“Media Training in a Changing World”

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Workshop hosted by:

Public Liberties & Human Rights Department

“Protection of Journalists & the Media: Collective Responsibility in a Changing Reality”

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Workshop hosted by:

Al Jazeera Net

“Online Journalism”

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Al Jazeera's 7th Annual Forum, The Arab World in Transition: Opportunities and Threats, Sunday 17th & 18th March 2013.

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