Abdelkader Dendenne

is an associate professor at the University of Annaba in Algeria and a researcher specialised in Asian affairs. He has numerous publications and research papers related to this field, including: As-Sin wa Azmat at-Taqa: Mutalazemat Tazayud at-Talab fi ad-Dakhil wa at-Taba’iya lil Kharij ("China and the Energy Crisis: The Dilemma of Increasing Domestic Demand and External Dependence") and Al-Adwar al-Iqlimiyya lil Quwwa as-Sa'ida fi al-'Alaqat ad-Dawliyya ("The Regional Roles of Emerging Powers in International Relations"). He also supervises several research projects, including: Jiyobolitik an-Naza'at fi Qarat Asiya ("The Geopolitics of Conflicts in the Asian Continent"), Ad-Diblomasiyat al-Thalath fi Siyasat as-Sin al-Kharijiya ("The Three Diplomacies in China's Foreign Policy") and Jiyobolitik al-Madha'iq wal Mamarat al-Bahriyya al-'Alamiyya ("The Geopolitics of Global Straits and Maritime Passages").