Al Jazeera’s Coverage of the Russian-Ukrainian War: Memoirs of Reporters in the Line of Fire

12 October 2022

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies has released a new book on 12 October 2022 entitled Taghtiyat Al Jazeera lal Harb ar-Rusiya al-Ukraniya: Yawmiyat Murasileen ‘ala Khat an-Nar (Al Jazeera’s Coverage of the Russian-Ukrainian War: Memoirs of Reporters in the Line of Fire) in which a number of reporters sent by Al Jazeera to Ukraine recount their observations and the most prominent things that caught their attention and affected them during their coverage of the war, which erupted on the 24th of February 2022.

In the book, the reporters convey to readers things that were not conveyed on screen, discussing, for example, details behind the scenes, the difficulties and risks they faced, how they dealt with them, etc. In addition to their human aspect, these observations hold a special importance as eyewitness testimonies to what happened, which will have historical value in the future for those who will chronicle the war and those looking for the details of what transpired in it.

What add to the value and importance of the book are the professional experiences presented by a select group of Arab media professionals throughout the chapters, especially with regard to how the angles of treatment are chosen, capturing news stories, avoiding stereotypes, being wary of political propaganda, and dealing with the fear experienced by the coverage team of photographers, producers and local collaborators when they find themselves in the front lines of fire. How did they deal with all this? How did they maintain their safety while presenting viewers with the field reports they expect? These are all useful professional experiences for media professionals, particularly those in the earlier stages of their careers.