International Media: A Critical Reading in the Discursive Strategies of Aljazeera Network



Following a multidisciplinary approach, this study analyses the geopolitical functions served by Aljazeera Media Network and the discursive strategies it deploys to attain its objectives. The volatile political environment of the Arabo-Islamic world has, especially in its relation to the West, substantial bearings on Aljazeera’s philosophy of journalism. These bearings transpire in many of Aljazeera discursive practices aimed at reflecting, affecting and reshaping transnational public consciousness. The network is dealt with primarily as a novel media institution setting a discourse symmetrically defiant to the discourses of power. The aim is to probe the extent to which Aljazeera scattered, sporadic and seemingly dispersed discursive productions form, particularly during crises and conflicts, a consistent narrative that is aware of whom it addresses, with whom it argues and for what purposes it speaks. That is, a narrative that has unifying themes and focal points, which allow, in a way, a systematic pattern of text politics to emerge.

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